Reflections on a relationship with a writer who loved and then fell out of love with Substack
As usual, these are quick thoughts, unedited, and probably not particularly profound. This subtitle is long, but that's how I like it
A conversation with filmmaker David Farrier, who likes SubstackI interviewed David Farrier, maker and host of Tickled and Dark Tourist, about his career and his new substack, Webworm.
I dive into detail for how the news media can start anew by leaving ads behind.
A note of thanks to Chris and Jairaj
In my opinion, the media in New Zealand doesn’t need saving. It needs reinvention.
Peter Hessler is the best writer about China I’ve ever come across and he has a new New Yorker story about being on Coronavirus-imposed lockdown in…
When we asked, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely is it that you’d recommend Substack to a friend?,” the writer without hesitation replied “10.”
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