I'm going to write things here now

I’ve decided it would be nice to have an outlet for stray thoughts. I’m starting a substack (it’s more than a newsletter) for my personal writing. I’m not trying to build a huge audience, or make money, but I want to publish some words from time to time without the pressure of formality. Given that I’m a founder of Substack, it’ll also be helpful in cultivating a deeper understanding of the publisher’s interaction with the product.

I’ll write about the experience of being a start-up founder, which is almost as new to me as it will be to most of my readers. It has so far been a fun, testing, and enlivening experience. I once reported on founders and their start-ups, and I now have more empathy and respect for what they put themselves through. I wish all journalists could have the deep knowledge that comes from working in the areas they write about. Too many are expected to be experts without having the faintest slither of relevant experience.

I have a book (Insane Mode) coming out in November. It’s about the electric car revolution that Tesla started and its implications for the world’s energy economy (i.e. it will end the Oil Age). So, if I can bear the pain, I will write here about that book, especially around the time of its publication. Producing a book is a hell of an undertaking. It’s as traumatic as any professional thing I’ve done. I’ll use this a forum to offer insight into what goes into making such a thing, promoting it, and then (I presume) suffering from its exposure to the public. At this point, I’m not sure why I ever had the confidence to write one. What an act of hubris.

Finally, I expect I will be moved to write about fatherhood. Or familyhood. Or whatever the appropriate hood is. I have a son, ten months old. He is a delight. I don’t want to subject his personal life and future memories to the scrutiny of any kind of media, but I can see myself wanting to share some of the intensity of feeling that comes with being a new parent. This won’t become a dadblog, but it will not solely be about my professional life. I am attracted to the idea of founders communicating to the world that it is possible to simultaneously start a company and strive to be a good, attentive parent.

I will be quiet about this substack. It will grow on its own. It is more diary than public performance, and hopefully better for it. We already have far too much of the former.